Defence Modernisation

Debates surrounding India at modernising its armed forces from various standpoints, including technical, policy, economic, human resource and strategic.

Defence Primer: India at 75

Defence Modernisation

India’s growing influence and ambition

Defence Modernisation
Border,CIBMS,Nari Dara,Pathankot

Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System: Implementation Challenges

Defence Modernisation

Carter’s India visit: Strategic gridlock?

Defence Modernisation

India needs a national security doctrine and strategy

    Defence Modernisation

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    Himani Pant

    Himani Pant is a Research Assistant at ORF’s Strategic Studies Program. Her research focuses on Foreign Policy of Russia and the European Union.

    Jayshree Sengupta

    Jayshree Sengupta is a Senior Fellow working with ORF's Economy and Development Programme. Her work focuses on the Indian economy and development, regional cooperation related to the SAARC, BRICS, ASEAN and EU

    Lydia Powell

    Ms Powell has been with the ORF Centre for Resources Management for over eight years working on policy issues in Energy and Climate Change. Her most recent paper ’Climate and the Clash

    Vijay Latha Reddy

    Vijay Latha Reddy served in the Indian Foreign Service from 1975 to 2011. During her diplomatic career she served in Lisbon, Washington DC, Kathmandu, Brasilia, Durban, Vienna and Bangkok. She served as

    Pratnashree Basu

    Pratnashree Basu is a Junior Fellow with ORF's Neighbourhood Regional Studies Initiative and Maritime Initiative. She is currently part of the project ‘Proximity to Connectivity: India and its Eastern and Southeastern Neighbours,’