Climate Change and Development

Finding middle ground in Paris

Climate Change and Development

The New Economy of Climate Change

Climate Change and Development

Outcomes of COP 21: Debrief from Paris

    Climate Change and Development

    Pollution: Is it right to demonise diesel?

    Climate Change and Development

    Energy News Monitor | Volume XII; Issue 40


      Collective action on South Asia’s ‘wicked problems’


      Climate-induced disasters: Regional initiatives for collective response

      Climate Change and Development

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      The Geopolitics and geoeconomics of one belt one road (OBOR)

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      Shalini Rudra

      Shalini Rudra is Associate Fellow with the Health Initiative. Her research spans across disciplines, including social demography, health economics, development studies and data-driven research. Her core research interest lies at

      Uma Shankar Sharma

      Uma Shankar has an engineering and business background and has worked in the Indian oil and gas sector for over 20 years. During his deputation in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural

      Pratnashree Basu

      Pratnashree Basu is a Junior Fellow with ORF's Neighbourhood Regional Studies Initiative and Maritime Initiative. She is currently part of the project ‘Proximity to Connectivity: India and its Eastern and Southeastern Neighbours,’

      Kanchi Gupta

      Kanchi Gupta is a Visiting Fellow at ORF, New Delhi. Her research focuses on India's West Asia policy, and the political and security dynamics in the region through the prism of

      Abhijit Singh

      A former naval officer, Abhijit Singh, Senior Fellow, heads the Maritime Policy Initiative at ORF. A maritime professional with specialist and command experience in front-line Indian naval ships, he has been involved