Climate Change and Development

Finding middle ground in Paris

Climate Change and Development

The New Economy of Climate Change

Climate Change and Development

Outcomes of COP 21: Debrief from Paris

    Climate Change and Development

    Pollution: Is it right to demonise diesel?

    Climate Change and Development

    Energy News Monitor | Volume XII; Issue 40


      Collective action on South Asia’s ‘wicked problems’

      Climate Adaptation,Climate Finance,Climate Innovation,Paris Agreement,Road from Paris

      Road from Paris: Ensuring Effective and Equitable Climate Action

      Climate Change and Development

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      Nilanjan Ghosh

      Nilanjan Ghosh is Senior Fellow (Professor) and Head of Economics with the Economy and Development Programme at ORF Kolkata. He is also Senior Economic Advisor at the World Wide Fund for Nature,

      Saikat Datta

      Saikat Datta is a Visiting Fellow with ORF's National Security Programme. He has been a journalist for over 19 years as an editor and an investigative reporter with several news organisations. He

      Maya Mirchandani

      Maya Mirchandani is a Senior Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi. She currently heads the ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ project (CVE) that looks for ways to build counter narratives

      Manoj Joshi

      Manoj Joshi is a Distinguished Fellow at the ORF. He has been a journalist specialising on national and international politics and is a commentator and columnist on these issues. As a reporter,

      Sylvia Mishra

      Sylvia Mishra is working for the ORF Strategic Studies US Initiative. She tracks India's foreign and defence policies, India-US relations as well as US policy in the Asia-Pacific. Sylvia’s research projects focus