USA and Canada

India’s “undersea wall” in the eastern Indian Ocean

Maritime Security

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Implications for India

  • Geethanjali Nataraj
Financial Markets

A geoeconomic strategy for the new normal

Great Power Dynamics

NSG fiasco: The Kautilyan lessons government needs to learn

Great Power Dynamics

Understanding continuing decline in Indian exports

  • Mridul Mohan
  • Geethanjali Nataraj
Indian Economy

Carter’s India visit: Strategic gridlock?

Defence and Security

India, US and an eastward tilt

Defence and Security

India could win with Trump’s foreign policy

US Domestic Politics

US should reassess restrictions on India’s PSLV

Economics and Finance
Islam,Jihad,New Age Terror,Wahhabi

Future of terrorism and terrorism of the future

International Affairs

Shangri La: A wasted opportunity

Defence and Security

Future of nuclear policy and 2016 presidential candidates

International Affairs

#SouthChinaSea verdict: Not just China, the world’s in deep water

Defence and Security

#Trump, #Brexit and India

International Affairs

Swing states and US presidential elections

  • Monish Tourangbam
International Affairs

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Srinath Sridharan

Srinath Sridharan is Visiting Fellow at ORF. Srinath has been a strategic counsel for nearly two decades with leading corporates across diverse sectors, including automobile, e-commerce, advertising, realty and financial services.

Arka Biswas

Arka is currently pursuing projects on India’s nuclear weapons policy and doctrine, and India's membership to the export control groups. His research areas include nuclear weapons policy, non-proliferation, disarmament and security.

Arun Mohan Sukumar

Arun Sukumar heads ORF’s Cyber Security and Internet Governance Initiative and is the Co-Chair of CyFy: The India Conference on Cyber Security and Internet Governance. He is the elected Vice

Niranjan Sahoo

Niranjan Sahoo, PhD, is a Senior Fellow with ORF’s Governance and Politics Initiative. With years of expertise in governance and public policy, he now anchors studies and programmes on democracy, human rights,

Sonali Mittra

Previously, she has worked as a Junior Research Associate at the Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), India. She was the principle investigator for the report on 'Collective Action for achieving