Neighbourhood First: Navigating Ties Under Modi

Indian Foreign Policy

A new turn for BCIM?

Regional Integration
catchment area,Freshwater,Geopolitics,Hydropower,Teesta,transboundary

The Teesta water dispute: Geopolitics, myth and economics


Look East through Northeast: Challenges and Prospects for India

  • Subir Bhaumik
Domestic Politics and Governance

Islamic State and South Asia

Defence and Security

In Bangladesh, cyber frauds rising in financial sector

Cyber Security

South Asia Weekly | Volume IX; Issue 7

    International Affairs

    PM’s Iran trip: What should be on Modi’s agenda?

    Indian Foreign Policy

    Myanmar: Trade with India rising; much more needs to be done

    Balochistan,Baltistan,China,CPEC,Gilgit,Kashmir,Narendra Modi,Pakistan,POK,Xi Jinping

    The strategic importance of Gilgit Baltistan


    Nepal: Finding a way forward

    International Affairs

    Modi’s Iran visit: Wooing West Asia

    Indian Foreign Policy

    Pakistan Economy: A Resurgence of Sorts

    • Aman Malik
    Economics and Finance

    IRBM for Brahmaputra Sub-basin

    Sustainable Development

    South Asia Weekly | Volume IX; Issue 1


      South Asia Weekly | Volume IX; Issue 6


        India-Myanmar: ‘Third space’ as driver in new era

        • Rajiv Bhatia
        International Affairs

        Collective action on South Asia’s ‘wicked problems’

        Climate Change

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        The Geopolitics and geoeconomics of one belt one road (OBOR)

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