• Dec 28 2017

Fifteen most–read expertspeak posts this year.

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Kashmir, stop being delusional | Vikram Sood

There is no freedom struggle in Kashmir, but a war foisted on us all these years with ground rules laid down by the Pakistan Army.

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Has India become “Lynchistan”? | Rupa Subramanya

The government needs to urgently revisit the opaque and draconian cattle trade rules.

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The world system going through a serious churn | Tufail Ahmad

The liberal global view prevailing in the world system has now been busted.

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When Modi meets Abe | K.V. Kesavan

The main topics that drew attention of the two leaders at the India-Japan Bilateral Summit.

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Understanding the Qatar crisis: Why the GCC is against one of their own | Kabir Taneja

Both Qatar and the Saudi-led GCC members will need to find a common ground for their grievances, but a long-drawn diplomatic rift of such nature has more adverse effects for Qatar than the others. Read more ►

The arrow effect of demonetisation and GST | Gautam Chikermane

If technology and data analytics has delivered results around demonetisation and direct taxes, the GST goes one step ahead on the GST and indirect taxes front. Read more ►

Success or failure? Five indicators to evaluate GST performance | Gautam Chikermane

Performance of the GST Council needs to be evaluated on five parameters — consumption, production, inflationary pressures, compliances and tax buoyancy. Read more ►

New maternity bill is a trojan horse | Rupa Subramanya

There's a reason why India is an outlier among emerging economies in having generous maternity leave benefits.

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How to make contract farming suitable for Indian farmers |  Jayshree Sengupta

Contract farming is best suited to special types of crops and not all farming activities. In China, only specific agricultural produce is under contract farming. Read more ►

India is adopting digital payments like never before, but cash too seems here to stay | Rupa Subramanya

While digitalisation has proceeded, cash has not become unimportant.

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Trump presidency and future of India-US relations | Ashok Sajjanhar

In strategic, political, security, defence and economic terms, relations between India and the US will continue their upward trajectory. Read more ►

India’s nuclear strategy: A shift to counterforce? | Rajesh Rajagopalan

It is important to reflect on the implications of a counterforce strategy — it is now the central issue in the Indian nuclear debate. Read more ►

Dangerous optimism on Doklam | Rajesh Rajagopalan

Military confrontation between India and China on Doklam is showing little sign of abating — China is not in any mood to moderate its words.

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Demonetisation of Indian currency and Nepal | Hari Bansh Jha

Never before in Nepal was so much of shortage of Indian currency as it happened after demonetisation.

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The new Great Game: An all Asian game? | Vikram Sood

Major global powers like Russia and China and regional powers like Iran are now ready to embrace the Taliban — in their own interest, but ostensibly for peace in Afghanistan.

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