Into its fourth edition this year

CyFy: The India Conference on Cyber Security and Internet Governance has emerged as a global platform to discuss, debate and deliver digital policy solutions. CyFy 2015 featured nearly 110 participants from over 33 countries, with nearly 800 delegates in attendance. Prominently, the conference sessions featured several experts from Africa and the Asia Pacific, who addressed the policy priority of connecting the next billion. The 2016 iteration of CyFy will highlight the political, economic and strategic questions that underpin this imperative.

Asia has become the digital pivot of the world. The region today hosts the fastest growing digital economies. It has become the site for the creation and evolution of cyber norms. Nation-states in the Asia- Pacific have also enhanced their cyber capabilities, awakening the possibility of conflict. Is Asia set to incubate the new digital governance order? What rules of the game will define state and non-state engagement in the region? The answers to these questions will illuminate the way forward not just for Asia but also for the world, as governments, businesses and civil society attempt to create regimes to govern the internet. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the theme for the 2016 edition of CyFy – “Digital Asia: Scripting the New Governance Order” Digital Economy: Taking stock of legal, regulatory and economic aspects of digital development in India and the Asia Pacific, as well as the development of frontier technologies in the financial sector and Internet of Things

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