• Oct 16 2017

CyFy 2017 | Chasing Unicorns: The Startup Generation

    Digital transformation is dramatically changing the way we live and work. As industries transform through innovation, new business models are emerging, disrupting the established status quo. Examples are countless, from Ola, UBER (in transportation), Oyo, Air BnB (in housing), sharing of spectrum and infra in telecom, sharing of data centres in IT. These changes can be positive, as they improve the management of increasingly scarce resources; however, are also introducing new labour models and putting a strain on governments trying to deal with a looming unemployment crisis, resulting from ever-increasing automation. In an age where assets are no longer owned but shared, what regulatory challenges are likely to emerge?
    Vladimir Korovkin, Head of Digital Research, Institute for Emerging Markets, SKOLKOVO Business School
    Kavita Gupta, Founding Managing Partner, ConsenSys Ventures
    Amey Mashelkar, Head, GenNext Innovation Fund
    Aishwarya Balaji, Founder, Impact Chain Lab
    Sara Ahmadian, Co-Founder, The Laundry



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