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            Upcoming Events

            May 26 2017

            Fifty years of Naxalbari

            May 27 2017

            Kashmir at Cross-roads

            May 30 2017

            Roundtable on Joint Doctrine of the Indian Armed Forces

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            Anita Sengupta

            Dr. Anita Sengupta is a Visiting Fellow at ORF. She is an area-studies specialist and has been tracking the Eurasian region, with Uzbekistan functioning as her area of special interest. She has

            Maya Mirchandani

            Maya Mirchandani is a Senior Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi. She currently heads the ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ project (CVE) that looks for ways to build counter narratives

            Vikrom Mathur

            Vikrom Mathur has 15 years of professional experience, straddling research and policy advice, at the interface of social and environmental change. His diverse research interests include: political, cultural and social influences on

            H. H. S. Viswanathan

            Earlier, he was a member of the Indian Foreign Service for 34 years. He has a long and diverse experience in International relations and Diplomacy. His foreign assignments include Belgium, Zaire, Czechoslovakia,

            Nilanjan Ghosh

            Nilanjan Ghosh is Senior Fellow (Professor) and Head of Economics with the Economy and Development Programme at ORF Kolkata. He is also Senior Economic Advisor at the World Wide Fund for Nature,