Myanmar: Trade with India rising; much more needs to be done


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                    Apr 29 2017

                    Vulnerabilities of the Cauvery delta

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                    Max Abrahms

                    Dr. Max Abrahms is a professor of political science and public policy at Northeastern University. He researches on terrorism and counterterrorism.

                    Ritika Passi

                    Ritika Passi is Project Editor and Associate Fellow at ORF. Her research focuses on issues of connectivity, security and development. She is currently working on the Belt and Road Initiative and the

                    Uma Shankar Sharma

                    Uma Shankar has an engineering and business background and has worked in the Indian oil and gas sector for over 20 years. During his deputation in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural

                    Falguni Tewari

                    Falguni Tewari is a Research Assistant with the Centre for Strategic Studies at ORF. Her research at the Foundation focuses on Indian foreign policy, paradiplomacy in Indian states, domestic (electoral) politics in

                    Preeti Kapuria

                    Preeti Kapuria is an Associate Fellow at ORF Kolkata. Her research focuses on studying the dynamics of human-environment interactions in both rural and urban landscapes, where she attempts to investigate the factors