Myanmar: Trade with India rising; much more needs to be done

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                    Vijay Latha Reddy

                    Vijay Latha Reddy served in the Indian Foreign Service from 1975 to 2011. During her diplomatic career she served in Lisbon, Washington DC, Kathmandu, Brasilia, Durban, Vienna and Bangkok. She served as

                    Atul Chandra

                    Mr Atul Chandra, a Petroleum Engineer, joined India’s National Oil Company, ONGC and reached the board level at a very young age. Besides managing oil field operations and establishing a technical research

                    Akhilesh Sati

                    Akhilesh is a Programme Manager for the ORF Energy Initiative. He provides and interprets data on energy, and is involved in organisational work for the intiaitive.

                    Britta Petersen

                    Britta Petersen has been a Senior Fellow with ORF since 2014 and works on the Foundation’s outreach and development. Britta also tracks India-Europe relations.

                    Shubh Soni

                    Shubh Soni is Programme Coordinator at ORF and supports the organisation's business development and outreach activities. His scope of work cuts across sectors, including global governance, foreign policy, development finance,