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America in the Asian Century

A career diplomat's incisive and sagacious compilation of articles delineates the role of the US in Asia over the last decades following the Second World

Clashing Titans: Military Strategy and Insecurity Among Asian Great Powers

While Asia is widely expected to be at the centre of global politics in the 21st century, the rise of Asia as a powerhouse -

The United States and India: A History through Archives

Declassified documents are arguably the premier vantage for understanding global governance, current security concerns and the international market. The United States and India: A History

South and Southeast Asia: Responding to Changing Geo-Political and Security Challenges

The essays in this volume provide Indian and Southeast Asian perspectives on some of the geopolitical and security challenges facing South and Southeast Asia. These

Uncertain Eagle: US Military Strategy in Asia

The US commitment to and involvement in the Asia-Pacific in the coming decades is a reality that Washington has firmly come to grips with, given

Power Realignments in Asia: China, India and the USA

What does China's emergence as a great power mean for the relationship between the world's oldest and largest democracies? This volume explores the many impacts

The US Approach to the Islamic World

The United States' mercurial foreign policies toward the Muslim world-including actions taken against Islamic countries which have attempted to challenge the United State' regional dominance;

India and the United States: Breakthroughs, Prospects and Challenges Ahead

This work explores the strategic, political and economic dynamics of India-US relations by examining the qualitative changes that have taken place in recent years. While

Oil in American Energy Policy: Searching for Clues of Influence

This narrative searches for clues of influence on American energy policy with a deliberate focus on the internal dimension. The 'search' is inspired by

The New Asian Power Dynamic

A new power dynamic is at play in Asia, where the post-Cold War global geopolitics is shaping the 21st century world order. This volume examines