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Changing Tracks in Uttar Pradesh: Strategies Revisited

Switching Tracks for a New Uttar Pradesh is a unique book which analyses the situation in Uttar Pradesh not limiting its scope to just "what

  • Saurabh Johri

Health care Delivery in Orissa: An Exploratory Study

The Indian health system is facing multiple challenges in terms of increasing access and providing quality care to large sections of people. In course of

  • Sarit Kumar Rout

Trade and FDI related reforms in the states, 1991-2007: The case of Maharashtra

This study explores how the state of Maharashtra has fared in changing its trade-related policies and the implementation, in response to economic reforms during 1991-2007.

  • Gitanjali Sen

Uttar Pradesh – The Road Ahead

The importance of Uttar Pradesh in India's socio-political firmament is never overstated. That evolves naturally on account of a variety factors, which includes its position

  • Venkitesh Ramakrishnan

Trade and FDI related reforms in the states, 1991-2007: The Case of Maharashtra

The liberalisation policy of India that was initiated in 1991 was designed to dismantle the protectionist regime through removal of industrial licenses, thereby

  • Gitanjali Sen

Food Security Policy Options for Tamil Nadu

Throughout the world, distributuion of essential food articles by the State or State-sponsored organisations for the poor at subsidized rates is recognised as an ant-poverty

  • A. M Swaminathan

Gujarat: Perspectives of the Future

It is difficult to argue with Gujarat's success--a consistently growing state income, massive contribution to India's coffers, and high marks in industry, agriculture, and higher

  • R. Swaminathan

The Naxal Challenge: Causes, Linkages and Policy Options

The Papers in the book examine the social and economic causes of the Naxalite movement, the political bases of the Naxalites, their external links, and

  • P. V. Ramana
  • Ed. P. V. Ramana

MUMBAI VISION 2015: Agenda For Urban Renewal

Mumbai is a city of stark contrasts. On the one hand, the city pays Rs. 58,000 crore as income tax and on the other hand,

  • R. Swaminathan
  • Jaya Goyal
  • Eds. R. Swaminathan

Madhya Pradesh: Development Challenges

The problem of Governance is of concern to citizens across the globe, more so in the developing and underdeveloped countries. The common refrain is that

  • B. Venkatesh Kumar
  • Ed.: B. Venkatesh Kumar