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Changing Tracks in Uttar Pradesh: Strategies Revisited

Switching Tracks for a New Uttar Pradesh is a unique book which analyses the situation in Uttar Pradesh not limiting its scope to just "what

Health care Delivery in Orissa: An Exploratory Study

The Indian health system is facing multiple challenges in terms of increasing access and providing quality care to large sections of people. In course of

Trade and FDI related reforms in the states, 1991-2007: The case of Maharashtra

This study explores how the state of Maharashtra has fared in changing its trade-related policies and the implementation, in response to economic reforms during 1991-2007.

Uttar Pradesh – The Road Ahead

The importance of Uttar Pradesh in India's socio-political firmament is never overstated. That evolves naturally on account of a variety factors, which includes its position

Trade and FDI related reforms in the states, 1991-2007: The Case of Maharashtra

The liberalisation policy of India that was initiated in 1991 was designed to dismantle the protectionist regime through removal of industrial licenses, thereby

Food Security Policy Options for Tamil Nadu

Throughout the world, distributuion of essential food articles by the State or State-sponsored organisations for the poor at subsidized rates is recognised as an ant-poverty

Gujarat: Perspectives of the Future

It is difficult to argue with Gujarat's success--a consistently growing state income, massive contribution to India's coffers, and high marks in industry, agriculture, and higher

The Naxal Challenge: Causes, Linkages and Policy Options

The Papers in the book examine the social and economic causes of the Naxalite movement, the political bases of the Naxalites, their external links, and

MUMBAI VISION 2015: Agenda For Urban Renewal

Mumbai is a city of stark contrasts. On the one hand, the city pays Rs. 58,000 crore as income tax and on the other hand,

Madhya Pradesh: Development Challenges

The problem of Governance is of concern to citizens across the globe, more so in the developing and underdeveloped countries. The common refrain is that