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Prospects for EU–India Security Cooperation

This publication presents works of West Asia, maritime security, radicalisation and terrorism to examine the contours of EU-India collaboration.

Looking Beyond the Conflict: Changing Dynamics of India-Sri-Lanka Ties

The end of the three decade-long ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka has thrown up both challenges and opportunities for Colombo and New Delhi. This publication,

The United States and India: A History through Archives

Declassified documents are arguably the premier vantage for understanding global governance, current security concerns and the international market. The United States and India: A History

South and Southeast Asia: Responding to Changing Geo-Political and Security Challenges

The essays in this volume provide Indian and Southeast Asian perspectives on some of the geopolitical and security challenges facing South and Southeast Asia. These

India and Central Asia: Redefining Energy and Trade Links

This book studies India's economic relations with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. Endowed with rich hydrocarbon reserves, the Central Asian republics provide India

Power Realignments in Asia: China, India and the USA

What does China's emergence as a great power mean for the relationship between the world's oldest and largest democracies? This volume explores the many impacts

India and China: The Next Decade

India and China have emerged as two of the most critical players not only in Asia but the world as a whole. Their mutual engagement

INDIA CHINA RELATIONS: The Border Issues and Beyond

The authors of this book have revisited the seemingly intractable India-China border dispute from a contemporary conflict resolution perspective and thus are relatively detached from

India, Sri Lanka and the Ethnic War

The relationship between the two democracies-Sri Lanka and India-- has been largely defined in the recent past by domestic political compulsions, and a peculiar lack

India and the United States: Breakthroughs, Prospects and Challenges Ahead

This work explores the strategic, political and economic dynamics of India-US relations by examining the qualitative changes that have taken place in recent years. While