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Changing Tracks in Uttar Pradesh: Strategies Revisited

Switching Tracks for a New Uttar Pradesh is a unique book which analyses the situation in Uttar Pradesh not limiting its scope to just "what

  • Saurabh Johri

Trade and FDI related reforms in the states, 1991-2007: The case of Maharashtra

This study explores how the state of Maharashtra has fared in changing its trade-related policies and the implementation, in response to economic reforms during 1991-2007.

  • Gitanjali Sen

Gujarat: Perspectives of the Future

It is difficult to argue with Gujarat's success--a consistently growing state income, massive contribution to India's coffers, and high marks in industry, agriculture, and higher

  • R. Swaminathan

India and China: Comparing the Incomparable

India and China are often described as 'Asia's unidentical twins'. They are two unique countries with different histories and contrasting models of development.

  • Vishnu Saraf

Small Hands, Big Deeds: New Forms of Labour Mobilisation

Small Hands, Big Deeds: New Forms of Labour Mobilisation delves into the complex and multilayered world of Indian labour; a world that has its own

  • R. Swaminathan

Observer Statistical Handbook -2005

An annual compendium of statistical information on the state of Indian economy, It contains authentic, relevant and up to date data on profile of almost

  • Annual Publication

Agenda for Economic Reform – Joint Statement

Four of India's prominent economists with tremendous administrative experience - Prof. P.N. Dhar, M. Narasimham, Dr. I.G. Patel and R.N. Malhotra - examine the financial

  • P. N. Dhar
  • M. Narasimhan

Fighting Hunger and Malnutrition

Observer Research Foundation organized a Round Table on 'Food Security', in collaboration with the Centre for Policy Studies, Chennai, which was a sequel to the

    Demand for Food grain by 2020 A.D.

    The Monograph reviews the existing food grain production pattern in India, examines the issues involved in estimating future requirements of food grains and finally gives

    • P. C. Bansil