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Today’s capabilities, tomorrow’s conflicts

As India actively aspires to shape its security environment in South Asia and beyond, the future set of demands on the Indian military will be heavily

Defence Primer: India at 75

The Defence Primer establishes India’s defence goals and the strategies needed to achieve them as India moves towards the 75th year of its independence in

Arming the Indian Arsenal – Challenges and Policy Options

One of the most arduous tasks before strategic decision makers in the field of security deals with the twin problems of military production and procurement.

  • Deba Mohanty

INDIA CHINA RELATIONS: The Border Issues and Beyond

The authors of this book have revisited the seemingly intractable India-China border dispute from a contemporary conflict resolution perspective and thus are relatively detached from

  • Mohan Guruswamy
  • Zorawar Daulet Singh

India, Sri Lanka and the Ethnic War

The relationship between the two democracies-Sri Lanka and India-- has been largely defined in the recent past by domestic political compulsions, and a peculiar lack

  • N. Sathiya Moorthy
  • N Sathiya Moorthy

Indian Army Vision 2020

Most armies tend to prepare for the last war. The battle-hardened Indian Army has also been traditionally conservative. From the Pakistani incursions into Kashmir in

  • Gurmeet Kanwal