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Globalisation and Identity: Perspectives from India and Russia

Globalisation and Identity provides insights into the interplay between globalisation and identity from Indian and Russian perspectives. The authors use theoretical and empirical methods to

  • Uma Purushothaman
  • Uma Purushottaman

Reservation Policy and its Implementation across Domains in India

India runs the world's oldest and one of the most comprehensive affirmative action policies in the form of reservations or quotas for its disadvantaged sections.

Lifting The Veil: Position of Women in Gulf Cooperation Council States

The position of women in Muslim societies, especially in West Asia, has been a subject of constant conjecture. Traditional mindsets and cultural hindrances have long

  • Gunmeen Singh

Small Hands, Big Deeds: New Forms of Labour Mobilisation

Small Hands, Big Deeds: New Forms of Labour Mobilisation delves into the complex and multilayered world of Indian labour; a world that has its own

  • R. Swaminathan

Universalisation of School Education: An Unfinished Agenda

The Universalisation of School Education is an issue that requires much attention at the policy level. To generate informed public opinion, Observer Research Foundation organized

  • D Shyam Babu