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Navigating the Near: Non-traditional Security Threats to India, 2022

National Security is most often thought of in terms of political and military threats to the State-either from other States or geo-strategic alliances. Given such

  • Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
  • Sunjoy Joshi
  • Lydia Powell

Security in a Complex Era: Emerging Challenges Facing India

Security in a Complex Era: Emerging Challenges Facing India is a horizon scan of conceptual shifts in the nature of conflict. These shifts include the

  • Neil Padukone

India and Central Asia: Redefining Energy and Trade Links

This book studies India's economic relations with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. Endowed with rich hydrocarbon reserves, the Central Asian republics provide India

  • Angira Sen Sarma

Oil in American Energy Policy: Searching for Clues of Influence

This narrative searches for clues of influence on American energy policy with a deliberate focus on the internal dimension. The 'search' is inspired by

  • Lydia Powell

Caspian Pipeline Politics, Energy Reserves and Regional Implications

The Caspian region is endowed with enormous offshore and onshore hydrocarbon resources, but their access to world markets is limited. Following the disintegration of the

  • P.L. Dash

India, GCC and the Global Energy Regime: Exploring Interdependence and the Outlook for Collaboration

Growth-induced structural changes have precipitated a phenomenal increase in energy consumption in the economies of the Asian region. Importantly, Asia's burgeoning demand for oil and

  • Samir Ranjan Pradhan

The Politics of Power Sector Reforms in India

This monograph examines the different processes that led to the 'political capture' of the power sector in India and critiques the attempts at reforms

India’s Energy Security Prospects For Cooperation with Extended Neighbourhood

The study focuses on four countries - Bangaldesh, Myanmar, Vietnam and Iran - about which there exists considerable information gap in the public domain. The

  • S. D. Muni
  • Girijesh Pant