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‘BRICS’ to rebuild the house

(From 2016: ORF Primer) Recent consensus has written off the BRICS. Is there a case left to be made for the grouping? Samir Saran and

Asia with Africa: Opportunities and Challenges

The past two decades have witnessed rapid economic transformation in Asia. Asian economies are now looking to Africa to support their economic growth and strategic

Trends in Russia-China Relations: Implications for India

The upsurge in China-Russia ties carries an enormous impact on India. This monograph examines the trends and patterns of Sino-Russian relations from the strategic, economic

Science and Technology in China Implications and Lessons for India

Science and Technology in China discusses the changing structural and institutional context of scientific research in China. The essays, by leading Indian experts in their

  • M Rasgotra
  • Maharajakrishna Rasgotra

Clashing Titans: Military Strategy and Insecurity Among Asian Great Powers

While Asia is widely expected to be at the centre of global politics in the 21st century, the rise of Asia as a powerhouse -

ORF China Studies Series

The ORF China Studies Series is an effort to analyse China's economic, political and military trajectory in a sustained and dispassionate manner and create a

  • M Rasgotra
  • M. Rasgotra

BRIC IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER – Perspectives from Brazil, China, India and Russia

The BRIC countries are today an increasingly cohesive group of nations with a common vision and shared commitment to collaborate and shape a more equitable

South and Southeast Asia: Responding to Changing Geo-Political and Security Challenges

The essays in this volume provide Indian and Southeast Asian perspectives on some of the geopolitical and security challenges facing South and Southeast Asia. These

  • Daljit Singh
  • K.V. Kesavan
  • K. V. Kesavan

The Dragon’s Fire: Chinese Military Strategy and its Implications for Asia

The rise of China has been a subject of interest and concern not only in India and Asia but globally. The growth of China

  • Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan

Power Realignments in Asia: China, India and the USA

What does China's emergence as a great power mean for the relationship between the world's oldest and largest democracies? This volume explores the many impacts

  • Alyssa Ayres
  • Raja Mohan and Alyssa Ayres
  • C Raja Mohan