Implementation of Right to Information Act: Issues and Challenges

    Domestic Politics and Governance

    Campaign Finance Reforms in India: Issues and Challenges

    Domestic Politics and Governance

    India-US Defence Trade Relations: Trends and Challenges

    • Uma Purushothaman
    International Affairs

    Security Challenges from Non-State actors in the Indian Ocean

    International Affairs

    Maritime Capacity of India: Strengths and Challenges

    Defence and Security

    Safeguarding Prosperity In The Indian Ocean: Exploring India-US Cooperation

    International Affairs

    Streamlining India’s Defence Procurement System

      Defence and Security

      Rivers of Conflict or Rivers of Peace: Water Sharing between India and China

      • Prof. Pranab Kumar Ray

      India-Africa Partnership

        International Trade and Investment

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        Apr 03 2017

        The Geopolitics and geoeconomics of one belt one road (OBOR)

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        Kabir Taneja

        KabirTaneja is an Associate Fellow with Strategic Studies programme. His research focuses on India’s relations with West Asia, specifically looking at the domestic political dynamics, terrorism, non-state militant actors and the general

        Sylvia Mishra

        Sylvia Mishra is working for the ORF Strategic Studies US Initiative. She tracks India's foreign and defence policies, India-US relations as well as US policy in the Asia-Pacific. Sylvia’s research projects focus

        Urvashi Aneja

        Urvashi is a Fellow at ORF, working on ORF's Global Governance and Climate & Development Initiatives. Her research focuses on southern partnerships for humanitarian and development assistance, India's role in global development

        Gayathri Iyer

        Gayathri Iyer works with the ORF Maritime Policy Initiative. She tracks ocean governance policies and international maritime trade sustainability for global development.

        N. Sathiya Moorthy

        A double-graduate in Physics and Law, and with a journalism background, N. Sathiya Moorthy is at present Senior Fellow & Director of the Chennai Chapter of the Observer Research Foundation.