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December 2011
Vol. VIII Issue. 28; 30 December 2011
Rising Powers and Climate Change: The Case of India - 30 December 2011
Chronic inequalities between the two groups mean that GHG mitigation is valued more by rich countries than by poor countries. GHG mitigation as a public good has built-in 'free rider' (non-cooperative) incentives
Vol. VIII Issue. 27; 23 December 2011
The Dilemma of Energy Pricing - 23 December 2011
Critics of energy companies constantly point to historical evidence of cartelisation and charge them of conspiracy, monopoly power and improper influence over public policy. For many of energy consumers, some degree of conspiracy among energy companies.
Vol. VIII Issue. 26; 16 December 2011
China's Anxiety over Myanmar Deepens - 16 December 2011
The reason why China has a cause for worry is that it has enormous stakes in Myanmar. China this year alone invested US $ 8 billion in Myanmar and China is Myanmar's second largest trading partner with Sino-Myanmar trade standing at US $ 4.4 billion this year.
Vol. VIII Issue. 25; 09 December 2011
The Price of Natural Gas in India: Symptom of Systematic Challenges - 09 December 2011
Price control is equivalent to rent control and the effect will be no different from urban rental housing - shortages. It will simulate demand without helping supply. Exploration for oil & gas does not follow a utility function in the sense that an increase in investment does not necessarily mean an increase in supply as it is in other industries.
Vol. VIII Issue. 24; 02 December 2011
Democracies, Dictatorships and Oil Prices - 02 December 2011
Once again India is anticipating a crude oil 'supply disruption'. Sanctions on Iran imposed by the United States and its allies is believed to carry not just a price risk but also a volume risk as far as India is concerned as some of India's refineries are critically dependent on Iranian crude.
November 2011
Vol. VIII Issue. 23; 25 November 2011
Will Coal Remain King? - 25 November 2011
India's continued use of coal is justified on the basis of the socio-political economy that surrounds it. What is probably needed is to find answers to the question on whether or not India has adequate coal reserves?
Vol. VIII Issue. 22; 18 November 2011
Security of Global Oil Flows: Risk Assessment for India - 18 November 2011
India's first Maritime Doctrine published in 2004 explicitly highlighted energy security of the country as a context that required the application of maritime power in both offensive and defensive operations to protect the country's maritime trade
Vol. VIII Issue. 21; 11 November 2011
Inertia of Petroleum Product Prices: Cost and Consequences - 11 November 2011
The price of petroleum products in India, though high compared to international levels does not move as much as what international crude prices would dictate. This artificial inertia induced by Government control has its costs.
Vol. VIII Issue. 20; 04 November 2011
South China Sea Dispute: The Dilemma for China - 04 November 2011
The dilemma for the Chinese leadership thus remains acute. Any further bluster or threats will only further solidify the anti-Chinese stance that seems to be developing in South East Asian countries, backed from the outside by the US and Japan.
October 2011
Vol. VIII Issue. 19; 28 October 2011
India needs a comprehensive energy policy - 28 October 2011
With an ugly power crisis rearing its head, most citizens have braced themselves for a Diwali of blackouts. What threatens the country's energy security today emanates not from volatile markets,
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