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December 2007
Vol. IV Issue. 27; 25 December 2007
Gas Markets in China - 25 December 2007
"From an economic perspective, it would be cheaper for China to import fertilizers or manufacture it out of imported Ammonia because most of China's domestic gas comes from remote high cost reserves far away from consumption centres. This translates into a large opportunity-cost linked to the use of gas for fertilizer production..."
Vol. IV Issue. 26; 18 December 2007
Who's Afraid of a Big Bad Oil Shocks? - 18 December 2007
"The effect of energy-price shocks on productivity involves substitution of other factors for energy in response to higher energy prices. In a world with exogenous technological change, there will actually be no response of multifactor productivity to price changes, for the response is only substitution along a given technological frontier..."
Vol. IV Issue. 25; 11 December 2007
Ecological Imperialism: The Curse of Capitalism - 11 December 2007
"The pillage of the resources of some countries by others and the transformation of whole ecosystems upon which states and nations depend; massive movements of population and labour that are interconnected with the extraction and transfer of resources..."
Vol. IV Issue. 24; 04 December 2007
Inefficient Electricity Industry and Global Warming (part- II) - 04 December 2007
"In view of the fact that electricity industry has the potential to become the biggest polluter, if not managed responsibly, there is an urgent need to declare Electricity as a national asset and bring legislation, if necessary, to optimize its use and minimise its wastage..."
November 2007
Vol. IV Issue. 23; 27 November 2007
Inefficient Electricity Industry and Global Warming - 27 November 2007
"It becomes critical that the country, as a responsible member of the international community, must do all that is possible to minimize the GHG emission to the minimum levels possible within its constraints, without giving too much credence to the argument of per capita emission..."
Vol. IV Issue. 22; 20 November 2007
Regulating Distribution of Natural Gas in Mexico - 20 November 2007
"Mexico opted to use average revenue regulation in the first five-year regulatory period because most natural gas distribution projects were green-field and thus characterized by greater cost shocks-or unexpected changes in market conditions-at the beginning than in later phases of build-out and operation of the distribution network..."
Vol. IV Issue. 21; 13 November 2007
Natural Gas Regulation in Mexico - 13 November 2007
"The development of infrastructure involved policy measures regarding exclusivity and vertical integration, both of which are relevant for India. Mexican regulators prohibited vertical integration between transportation and distribution by restricting Pemex to transport and encouraged entry of new participants in distribution..."
Vol. IV Issue. 20; 06 November 2007
Natural Gas Pricing: Global Experiences - 06 November 2007
"Though the current environment is halfway between vertical integration and full competition, it has facilitated efficient operation, improved economic welfare, protected captive consumers and provided options for players to take on and bear risk. The weakness in the Mexican model is that the price of gas in Mexico is insensitive to changes in the demand for gas..."
October 2007
Vol. IV Issue. 19; 30 October 2007
Regulation of the Indian Natural Gas Sector: In Pursuit of Equity? - 30 October 2007
"The viability of many investments in the Fertilizer and Power industries depends critically on subsidised gas which is both fuel and feedstock. Explicit subsidy for the fertilizer segment administered through a cost plus regime accounts for over 0.7 percent of India¿s GDP..."
Vol. IV Issue. 18; 23 October 2007
Chamalapura Coal Power Project: Environmental Concerns, Legal Issues & Viable Alternatives - 23 October 2007
"The most important concerns for the society from such coal power stations are related to environment. It is not just the immediate local surrounding which will be massively affected, but due to strong winds an area within a radius of about 20 to 30 KM will also be affected to different degrees..."
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