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November 2015
Vol. XII Issue. 24; 27 November 2015
November 2015: Shades of Paris - 27 November 2015
Today climate evangelists are telling India to reduce carbon emissions to save the World. If we oblige and make absolute reductions in carbon emissions to save the world we may get into a similar problem in the future.
Vol. XII Issue. 21; 06 November 2015
The Baptist and the Bootlegger Unite - 06 November 2015
This is not the best of times for the fossil fuel industry. It is under attack from both ends. At one end we have peak profit rather than peak oil or peak coal haunting the sector. At the other we have an evangelical mob waging war against carbon.
October 2015
Vol. XII Issue. 20; 30 October 2015
October 2015: Closing the Coal Gap - 30 October 2015
The increase in domestic coal production has broken the hearts of potential coal exporters who were led to believe that increase in domestic coal production by Coal India Limited is impossible and that India would fill the gap left by China in coal imports.
Vol. XII Issue. 19; 23 October 2015
The Negotiating Text for Paris: An Appeal - 23 October 2015
This time the United States has shaped the agenda for a 'bottom-up' regime again with no multilaterally determined emission reduction commitments and is pushing for review of "mitigation" actions of developing countries.
Vol. XII Issue. 18; 16 October 2015
INDC gives new hope to coal washing - 16 October 2015
The inclusion of coal washing in the INDC document shows that India has given the attention that it deserves. There is an urgent need for the adoption of policies that address the institutional barriers preventing the widespread adoption of coal beneficiation in India.
Vol. XII Issue. 17; 09 October 2015
The Problem of Plenty - International - 09 October 2015
On the non hydrocarbon sector the media was engrossed with news on renewable energy which is understandable given that countries are vying for the largest renewable energy share title in Paris later this year.
Vol. XII Issue. 16; 03 October 2015
September 2015: The Problem of Plenty - India - 03 October 2015
The problem of plenty is the theme that comes to mind in both the domestic and the international context when we look at the key developments in the energy sector in September. But they are playing out differently in each of the contexts.
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