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Still battling mistrust
Manoj Joshi
18 May 2015
India and China have themselves shown how it is possible to manage disputes. However, it requires a pragmatic ability to confront festering issues and resolve them. By being unusually forthright in his speeches in Beijing, that is what Modi was trying to tell China.
Incremental progress, not flourishes in India-China statement
Manoj Joshi
18 May 2015
Both India and China seem to be fixated on a "status quo plus" option, in that each side wants something more than the current LAC. Clearly, much more work needs to be done. For the moment, incremental progress is better than no progress at all.
Modi must ensure India is in China's Global Calculations
Vikram Sood
15 May 2015
China considers its relations with the US to be the most important. And yet, it has developed close strategic ties with Russia. Both have consistently supported Iran, carrying similar stance on the US position in Ukraine, and have signed multibillion-dollar energy contracts.
Make China India's natural ally for development
Ranjit Goswami
13 May 2015
The key challenge PM Modi would face in China is to completely debunk the hypothesis, which some people suspect, that a key objective of Modi's 'Act East' policy is to contain China, in covert or overt support with the U.S., Japan and other affected nations. This task is not surely going to be easy.
Beyond the boundary
C Raja Mohan
11 May 2015
Chinese leaders, ever so adept at power politics, do not find it difficult to understand where Modi is coming from. If Modi has surprised the world with his enthusiasm for China, Beijing is also pulling out all the stops to woo the Indian PM.
Chinese keep a keen eye on Modi's visit
Manoj Joshi
11 May 2015
In Beijing, the overwhelming question a visitor faces is: What will be the outcome of the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Will he bring a package to resolve the border question, or will he come with a basket of measures to attract Chinese investment in India?
Modi must ensure India is in China's global calculations
Vikram Sood
11 May 2015
When Modi meets Xi, he will be talking to a leader positioning himself and his country as a global power. It is important for India to be in some of the calculations, just as much it is necessary for India not to overstretch by wanting to be seen everywhere.
West's old enemy is China's new friend
Himani Pant
07 May 2015
Though China has gained from the Ukraine crisis, the present situation also places China in a diplomatic bind. A strong proponent of the absolute nature of sovereignty, it does not support separatist movements.
China in Bandung
C. Raja Mohan
21 April 2015
As in Bandung 60 years ago, there is little consensus in Asia on how to build a new regional order. Prickly nationalism and persistent territorial disputes are making Asia into a geopolitical tinderbox. China's growing power has made it an attractive economic partner as well as the prospective political hegemon.
The China-India Defense Dialogue
Arushi Gupta
20 April 2015
China is touting its vision of linking two Indian projects (Mausam and Spice Route) with its One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative. China's main goal is to coordinate regional policy so that each country's economic development plan becomes part of a larger regional vision.
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