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The pragmatic idealism of Nehru
Manoj Joshi
20 November 2014
It is easy to criticise Nehru today. His priority then, as it remains that of our country today, is to take poor Indians out of poverty and protect the country's territorial integrity. Given the circumstances, he did not do a bad job, and he did it without murdering millions as was done in China, or overturning democracy, as was the case in many countries of the time.
Chinese perceptions of Modi's foreign policy
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
14 November 2014
Tibet and the Dalai Lama's status continue to worry the Chinese. India's stated policy that Tibet is part of China notwithstanding, Chinese feel that India has a hidden agenda. The fact that Lobsang Sangay was invited to Modi's swearing-in has made the Chinese nervous.
Japan walks the extra mile
Manoj Joshi
11 November 2014
The four-point agreement that was worked out by State Councillor Yang Jichei and Japanese National Security Adviser Shotaro Yachi to enable the meeting between President Xi Jinping of China and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan indicates that Tokyo has walked the extra mile to assuage the Chinese.
Lanka pit-stop
C. Raja Mohan
05 November 2014
What Colombo and Beijing are telling Delhi is that Chinese naval presence in Sri Lanka is now routine and India should get used to it. Delhi quite clearly will find it hard to digest. But, if Delhi wants to limit or reverse Colombo's strategic tilt towards China, it should start with a comprehensive review of its policy towards Sri Lanka.
China's efforts to improve Rule of Law
H.H.S. Viswanathan
05 November 2014
The Fourth Plenum of the CPCCC discussed at length a rather unusual theme -- the "Rule of Law", a sensitive topic. This has led to many speculations. Is China looking at a totally independent judiciary? What would be the red lines for the legal system? And what are the real motives for such a move?
Cordial yet cold: Explaining China's aversion to international sanction regimes
Rishika Chauhan
03 November 2014
China has sometimes been cordial to sanction imposers depending on the issue-salience of the sanction, yet its posture towards international sanctions regimes remains cold, especially when they conflict with its national interests.
Why is Chinese investment in India so low?
Peter Martin
30 October 2014
China invested more than USD 100 billion overseas last year alone. Its cumulative investments in Myanmar total USD 14.2 billion. The real question is why Chinese investment in India has lagged so far behind. Political mistrust is certainly a large part of the answer.
China in Lanka
C. Raja Mohan
29 October 2014
As a rising China becomes the most important extra-regional partner for India's neighbours, India cannot simply wish away the Chinese influence in the subcontinent. The only way to limit the scope and structure of China's security profile is to expand India's own cooperation, including in the defence domain, with all neighbours.
The future of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
Swagata Saha
17 October 2014
SCO members need to take a two-track approach to make it a successful regional grouping. At the macro level, it must forge a common vision and mutual trust with similar groupings such as the Collective Security Treaty Organization. At a micro level, bilateral and regional issues between member states need to be addressed.
Russia hugs China
C. Raja Mohan
17 October 2014
As Russia embraces China to relieve the pressures from the West, India's room for geopolitical manoeuvre in Asia and beyond is bound to shrink. Earlier, though both India and Russia had begun to normalise bilateral relations with China in the 1980s, they remained wary about Beijing.
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