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Japan's counter to China's silk road
C. Raja Mohan
24 November 2015
The unfolding economic rivalry between China and Japan is great news for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has put building world-class infrastructure at the centre of his domestic agenda. If he can get New Delhi's domestic act on infrastructure right, Modi will be able to mobilise unprecedented support from China and Japan. Also, in partnership with Japan, Delhi can imagine bold new connectivity initiatives within India and beyond.
New Delhi doesn't seem committed to its own Act East policy
Manoj Joshi
09 November 2015
The Vietnamese are carefully balancing their ties. At one level they maintain healthy party-to-party ties with China and seek to boost trade and investment from China. On the other, they want to build better ties with the US, Japan and India to offset the Chinese.
China-UK: A strategic partnership
Manoj Joshi
27 October 2015
Xi's visit to the United Kingdom was not about trade and investment only. It has an important strategic component, viz, shaping China as a truly global power. Recall that the end station of both the land and maritime components of the Belt Road Initiative is Europe. As China shifts its economy towards high-end manufacturing and services, it is targeting the European market, where its two largest partners are Germany and UK.
In a week, China fires two rapid response launch vehicles
Vidya Sagar Reddy
21 October 2015
Within the span of a week last month, China has successfully carried out maiden launches of two of its next generation launch vehicles. Besides validating the rockets for future manned and unmanned space missions, they have also demonstrated China?s strategic capabilities pertaining to outer space.
China in Japan's South Asia policy
Vindu Mai Chotani
15 October 2015
Well aware of China's growing influence in the Bay of Bengal and the changing power dynamics in the Indo-Pacific region, Japan is now presenting itself as an alternative benefactor. With an eye toward Beijing, can the emergence of Japan in this region prove to play a balancing role?
Smart cities: Where India can learn from Chinese experiences
Sriparna Pathak Raimedhi
03 October 2015
As India starts moving on its path of making its hundred odd cities 'smart', it could take a few cues from the experience of China, another developing country and India's immediate neighbour. Though in many parameters, the Chinese cities do quite well, they too have shortcomings, when looked from some indicators.
Sending message to China, Vietnam further strengthens ties with Japan
Vindu Mai Chotani
24 September 2015
Vietnam Communist Party Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong recently paid a four-day visit to Japan. He held official talks with Prime Minister Shizo Abe and met the Emperor. From the joint statement released after the visit, it can be seen that progress has once again been made in defence and security relations, as well as economic relations.
Beijing's strategic signalling
P.K. Ghosh
18 September 2015
It seems that the Beijing Parade, which was in many ways regarded as a self congratulatory one, probably sent wrong signals at least at the international level. While Mr Xi talked of a peaceful and a harmonious rise, the actual message probably created more apprehensions and worries amongst the regional countries.
China's currency devaluation and India
Sriparna Pathak Raimedhi
17 September 2015
The devaluation of China's currency Yuan actually is a delicate situation and only time can tell how a "restructured" Chinese economy affects the global market. In the meanwhile, India needs to prepare itself to capitalise on the opportunities that emerge and be prepared for the causalities as well.
Tightening the PLA military belt
Manoj Joshi
15 September 2015
For the past week, observers of China have been expecting Beijing to announce a series of reforms to drastically restructure and reshape the People's Liberation Army. So far this has not happened, but it is a question of when, rather than if. And, its imperatives for reform are obvious.
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