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India-China trade ties hindered by border disputes, mistrust
Geethanjali Nataraj & Richa Sekhani
20 September 2014
Prime Minister Modi has succeeded in adding a new zest and meaning to India-China relations with the visit of the Chinese President. However, it is evident that the full potential in trade and other areas of cooperation would not be realised unless peace and tranquility is restored on the border.
India, China still have big problems between them
Manoj Joshi
20 September 2014
Notwithstanding the friendly rhetoric and promises of Chinese investment, India and China still have big problems between them. The biggest, as Narendra Modi's remarks at the press interaction noted, is the border.
Sabarmati Summit
C Raja Mohan
17 September 2014
Hard-nosed realists around the world are impressed with Modi's diplomatic flair seen during his visits to Nepal and Japan. But they ask if Modi can go beyond the atmospherics and bring about a substantial change in the relationship with China. Here again, Modi has the opportunity to introduce change.
India - A counterweight to the rise of China
Manoj Joshi
17 September 2014
China has a somewhat limited aim to keep India as a neutral in their real battle that for pre-eminence in East Asia, where they are pitted against the Japan-US combine. India has no real stakes in the conflict, and it is not as if Japan supports the Indian position on our borders with China or Jammu & Kashmir. Yet, New Delhi needs to handle the issue with a great deal of care.
India's Silk Route dilemma
Darshana M. Baruah
16 September 2014
Though the importance of the Maritime Silk Route, proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, is laid on promoting greater economic integration and boosting connectivity through the Indian Ocean, the strategic significance of such a project cannot be underestimated.
Chance to resolve China-India border dispute
Manoj Joshi
16 September 2014
Any border settlement between India and China will be unsettling for important constituencies in both countries. If Modi has to get an agreement through Parliament and, before that, the Sangh Parivar, Xi needs to take his Politburo, if not his Central Committee with him. Both know that they can only do it now when they are at the height of their powers.
Silk route to Beijing
C. Raja Mohan
15 September 2014
India needs to develop a vigorous framework for maritime economic activism in the Indian Ocean and beyond. India must collaborate with whoever it can in reconnecting the subcontinent with itself and the neighbouring regions.
BJP's Beijing
C Raja Mohan
10 September 2014
If Modi is a strong leader who is bringing greater purposefulness to India's China policy, Xi is even more powerful at home. He has conveyed a strong interest in transforming relations with New Delhi and is willing to explore opportunities with Modi.
Gearing up for the Modi-Xi meeting
Peter Martin
06 September 2014
Not since the era of Indira Gandhi and Deng Xiaoping, perhaps even since that of Nehru and Mao, have India and China been led by such dynamic and forceful politicians as Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping. These leaders are due to meet later this month in Xi's first official visit to India.
What Modi can learn from Xi
Manoj Joshi
04 September 2014
Modi has been ambivalent about the Lokpal, believing, presumably, that a revitalised administration will make this institution redundant. If so, he is wrong. At some point, he will have to take up the fight directly. This is the lesson we can learn from Xi Jinping. From the outset, Xi has been involved in a struggle against corruption.
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