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Abe's defence
C. Raja Mohan
21 July 2015
It's not often that one sees leaders take risks in the pursuit of a political conviction. Abe, a rare exception, has been steadfast in his determination to remove the extraordinary restraints on Japan's military imposed by its post-war constitution. Abe wants Japan to be a "normal" power, 70 years after World War II.
Civil society and internal security in China
Mahalakshmi Ganapathy
20 July 2015
In China, we see a situation emerging in the form of "mass incidents" (a term used by the Chinese State to define civil unrest). These mass incidents have been steadily rising. A 2001 CCP report has identified a spreading pattern of protests and group incidents arising from economic, environmental, ethnic and religious conflicts in China.
Will the Chinese anti-corruption campaign succeed?
Mahalakshmi G
08 July 2015
For over a year, China is running a huge anti-corruption campaign. More than 1,82,000 officials have been punished, including high ranking military officials, four national leaders and senior executives of state companies. However, this type of arbitrary and high-handed posture could backfire and become a catalyst for political crisis if it continues in the present way.
Chinese submarines
C. Raja Mohan
01 July 2015
India paid a high price for failing to anticipate the Sino-Pak nuclear nexus in the 1970s and 1980s. It is erring again by neglecting the potential for a maritime alliance between China and Pakistan that could severely constrain India's freedom of action in the Indian Ocean.
China's Belt & Road diplomacy
Rakhahari Chatterji
25 June 2015
To draw lines on the map along the ancient trade routes of China and to claim that they marked an exclusive zone of trade and dense economic relationship centering around and led by China will beg a number of questions. Does it mean that countries within the zone will sever their trade and economic relations with countries outside the zone?
Pakistan, China's new frontline state
H K Dua
22 June 2015
India cannot ignore what is happening in its North-West. It is not clear what is going to be Indian policy to protect its political, strategic and economic interests in Afghanistan. May be the Indian policy-makers will have to sit back and think of ways to ensure that India's role in Af-Pak region doesn't become minimal.
Xi-Putin bonhomie fails Western policy towards Russia
Uma Purushothaman
16 June 2015
The Western policy of isolating Russia has only served to push Russia deeper into Chinese arms. Russia and China are planning to increase their engagement in Central Asia and will coordinate their policies in the former Soviet territories in Eurasia.
The new Sino-Russian partnership
Himani Pant
12 June 2015
Xi Jinping's foreign policy gives acute emphasis to the development of silk roads. The closer Moscow and Beijing get, the more Russia will have to adjust to China's interests. It is important to understand that while Moscow depends heavily on Beijing, the situation is not true in the reverse.
Why China is desperate to make friends with the world
Manoj Joshi
11 June 2015
Beijing knows that it cannot become a global power without friends. As the US has known, there is a limit to what you can do alone. The US with its network of friends, allies and partners is a case in point.
Why India should join China's MSR
Geethanjali Nataraj
10 June 2015
India is located at such a prime position that it can't miss out the opportunity to be part of the MSR. Both the Marine Silk Road and the continental Silk Road --which is going to connect China with the central Asia -- are going to pass from India's periphery. India could gain a lot from being an active partner to the MSR. And, not joining it may isolate India.
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