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India shining or China? Investment plans say it all
Vikram Sood
19 October 2013
India's external balance is changing fast with new equations being worked out. We need to set our house in order - refurbish our political apparatus, rebuild the crumbling state of our institutions and reorient and revamp our governance capacities.
Don't blame it on China
C. Raja Mohan
17 October 2013
India has many reasons to nurse a nuclear grievance against China. For, Beijing's decision to arm Pakistan with nuclear weapons has given Rawalpindi the impunity to pursue cross-border terrorism against India. But Delhi has no reason at all to blame Beijing for its own failures on the nuclear policy front.
Continental China
C. Raja Mohan
19 September 2013
Even as China becomes a maritime power to reckon with, Beijing has no desire to give up on its continental aspirations. Chinese President Xi Jinping's continuing tour of Central Asia this past week showcased the nation's rise at the heart of the Eurasian landmass.
Strengthening Vietnam-Japan Security Cooperation
Sadhavi Chauhan
05 September 2013
China's increased assertiveness in the South China Sea has been pushing Japan and Vietnam towards greater security cooperation. Bilateral security cooperation has been increasing.
Ship-building policy needs change
Manoj Joshi
03 September 2013
A performance audit by the Comptroller and Auditor General in 2010-2011 revealed that while shipyards in the US, France, South Korea and Russia took between 66-84 months from the award of contract to the construction of a ship, in India, it took 116 to 120 months.
Disaster Preparedness in China
Sriparna Pathak Raimedhi
31 August 2013
Despite the Chinese government's repeated stress on disaster reduction and regards it as an important factor to realise the overall goal of sustainable development, more needs to be done on disaster management and prevention.
THE BIGGER PICTURE: Can China and India now press the reset button?
Manoj Joshi
27 August 2013
China is looking at their problems and working on them and willing to shift established positions if the situation so demands, while India seems to be trapped in the verities of the past and are unable to move beyond tired slogans and nostrums.
Old ties lead to new model of mutual trust
S. Jaishankar
22 August 2013
It is fashionable in China today to speak of a "new type" of great power relations, indeed of international relations as a whole. In Chinese terminology, this approach is based on three key concepts: non-conflict and non-confrontation including proper handling of differences,
India-China relations: Old ties, new model?
S. Jaishankar
21 August 2013
It is fashionable in China today to speak of a 'new model' of great power relations, indeed of international relations as a whole. Applying this approach to India-China relations offers some interesting insights. Both at an abstract and practical level, the three propositions that constitute this 'new model' appear unexceptionable.
US-China cyber talks
Darshana M. Baruah
09 August 2013
Cyber security has taken a front seat in the U.S.-China relations, as seen in the last two high level bilateral meetings. The California summit in June 2013 and the recently held U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) V in July 2013 were dominated by cyber issues.
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