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China reaches to India on Afghanistan
Harsh V. Pant
08 January 2014
Notwithstanding recent positive signals from China, New Delhi is unlikely to find a fully cooperating partner in Beijing in the management of post-2014 turmoil in Afghanistan. But a dialogue between Asia's two mainland powers on Afghanistan is certainly worth pursuing.
Beyond Chinese Whispers and Indian Rope Tricks
R. Swaminathan
30 December 2013
Both India and China have already entered an age of pragmatism. But they must soon transform it in an age of competitive realism if they are to jointly architect and mould the Asian century.
Prepare for war in the East China Sea
Manoj Joshi
17 December 2013
The Chinese say that their interests in the East China Sea are what bother them the most because of their proximity to the Chinese heartland. The South China Sea, they insist, is not a problem area of the same dimension. Beijing's unambiguous goal is to isolate Japan, divide the ASEAN and befuddle the United States.
Binding Vietnam and India: Joint energy exploration in South China Sea
P K Ghosh
17 December 2013
It is not difficult to imagine that the Chinese will be uncomfortable with the current scenario. China is against any "outside power" being involved in the South China Sea, though its own forces are regularly operating in the Indian Ocean region.
China's reactor sale to Pakistan: A nuclear mistake?
Manish Vaid
16 December 2013
China's existing stand of moving ahead with its aggressive stance on nuclear policy clearly stems from Indo-US nuclear deal, which according to China, seriously damages the integrity and effectiveness of non-proliferation thereby setting dangerous precedence for other countries.
One child policy reform: Policy decision or compulsion?
Swagata Saha
11 December 2013
Relaxation of China's One Child policy reform proposed in Third Plenum is not a full proof plan. President Xi Jinping has a perfect analogy with Deng Xiaoping in grappling with a compulsion of sorts. Deng was faced with a bulging population; Xi finds the challenge in ageing one.
China's ADIZ: Time for US to take a more direct approach?
Pratnashree Basu
06 December 2013
For the U.S, the time may have come to position its stand on Chinese assertions in a manner that would help maintain stability in the long run. If Beijing's move with its air defense zone is part of a piecemeal plan of consolidating its territorial claims, then a less indirect approach is called for.
China's aggression towards Japan is a global threat
Samir Saran and Abhijit Iyer-mitra
05 December 2013
India must urgently explore a variety of options to restore deterrence vis--vis China. This first thing is to back Japan. India also has to work on a range of options including economic and hard options. It must also take a fresh look at reinvigorating its ties with Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Singapore and the littoral states.
East China Sea: Disputed islands to disputed airspace
Darshana M. Baruah
29 November 2013
The recent developments in East China Sea carry a high risk of confrontation and miscalculation in the already volatile region. Beijing's unilateral move to extend its authority and control in the region runs against its policy to change its image amongst its neighbours.
3rd Plenum of 18th CCCPC: Tweaking policies without a radical menu
Manoj Joshi
15 November 2013
The bottom line assessment of the third Plenum of the 18th CCCPC is that the Plenum outcome keeps Chinese economic and political developments on an evolutionary path, rather than a revolutionary one. In other words, it has sought to tweak policies, rather than offer up a radical menu.
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