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India-China: Fifty years of responsible diplomacy
Abinash Chaudhary
20 October 2012
Fifty years since the unfortunate war, Sino-Indian ties have come a long way. They are set to transcend the bilateral barrier and acquired a global significance. It is time for both the countries to focus on picking up on the positive trends, common good and contribute to new directions in global leadership.
The contested periphery
C. Raja Mohan
19 October 2012
The final resolution of the contested territoriality between China and India can only come as part of the construction of a larger political equilibrium between a rising China and an emerging India.
In dubious battle at heaven's gate
Mohan Guruswamy
16 October 2012
If politicians cannot find the time or the attention span to read some of the numerous books and articles written on India's wars, they should at least listen to the song and shed a tear for our fallen warriors.
Economic implications will force better relations between big powers in Asia Pacific
K V Kesavan
08 October 2012
Chances of countries being threatened by China's assertiveness cooperating to bring China to the bargaining table are limited. Although the current situation in the region looks unmendable, the countries involved realise its economic implications and there continues to be hope for improved regional situation.
China may have to outsource production
Jayshree Sengupta
04 October 2012
The Chinese growth story, triggered and driven by its industrial growth, is truly amazing. But now that industrial growth is slowing down because of higher wages and higher standards of living, to remain competitive China would have to outsource its production to cheap labour countries or move to another growth area - services.
China's second aircraft carrier
C. Raja Mohan
03 October 2012
China, which commissioned its first aircraft carrier, called the Liaoning, last month, has denied reports that a second carrier is under construction in Shanghai and might be launched later this year. The denial, however, is misleading. The Global Times newspaper, known for its nationalist views, pointed out that the spokesman did not say.
Liang's India visit: What does it mean for bilateral ties?
Dr. Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
05 September 2012
Besides bilateral military-to-military ties, India and China should explore cooperating on maritime security, UN Peace Keeping, and reconstruction and rehabilitation in the aftermath of natural disasters, all of which are common challenges to both the coun tries.
Island Hopping
C. Raja Mohan
05 September 2012
Even before General Liang Guanglie completed the first ever visit by a Chinese defence minister to Sri Lanka last week, the President of Maldives, Mohamed Waheed, was catching a flight to China.
New lines of influence
C. Raja Mohan
04 September 2012
What Delhi and Beijing can and must do is to begin a frank dialogue on their respective regional security interests, find ways to reduce the new military friction, and explore the prospects for the joint promotion of stability and security in Asia and its waters.
Eastern disorder
C. Raja Mohan
23 August 2012
It now turns out that China is even more obsessed with territory than India. While it is true that China has resolved most of its boundary disputes on land, Beijing's territorial conflicts in the shared seas with its maritime neighbours have rapidly escalated in the last two years.
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