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String of ports
C. Raja Mohan
11 April 2014
While India is looking to the UN to manage the cyber challenges, America and China are exploring bilateral solutions that could eventually be imposed on the rest of the world. That is very similar to what happened in the nuclear arena five decades ago.
Why the Governments are shying away from the Henderson-Brooks Report?
Manoj Joshi
07 April 2014
The focus on the Henderson-Brooks report creates a bias in our minds that the failure of 1962 was that of the Army. Perhaps that is what the babus and politicians wanted. In fact, the real failure was of the Nehru government's China policy and the management of that policy.
Make Nehru's role in 1962 war known
Manoj Joshi
01 April 2014
The Henderson-Brooks report has focused on the Army's faults in handling the border issue. But, if we are to truly learn from the sorry history of the times, the government needs to throw open the archives relating to the actions of Prime Minister, his associates and the Ministries of External Affairs and Defence.
South China Sea: Beijing's 'Salami Slicing' strategy
Darshana M. Baruah
21 March 2014
The South China Sea is seeing increasing tension amongst the claimants. The Second Thomas Shoal is the latest addition to Beijing's 'Salami Slicing' strategy of slowly acquiring small reefs and islands to consolidate its contested claim.
Beijing's Ukraine
C. Raja Mohan
13 March 2014
China may have reasons to be relieved if a Cold War-like situation re-emerges in Europe and American attention is drawn away from Asia. As America plunged into two prolonged wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, China had the time and space to build its comprehensive national power.
Modi's frontier
C. Raja Mohan
26 February 2014
For the next government, tough rhetoric on the boundary question is no substitute for coping with the multiple challenges arising from China's new status as a first-rate power. With China emerging as the second-largest economy in the world, comprehensive commercial cooperation with Beijing is an imperative that no Indian government can ignore.
India should anchor maritime policies on a strong navy
Manoj Joshi
20 February 2014
Even as India engages China in a dialogue, or becomes a way station in the sea silk route, New Delhi needs to take some lessons from China and anchor its maritime policies on a strong navy. As of now, we can more than hold our own in the Indian Ocean against all but the US Navy. But, tomorrow is another day.
Silk routes
C. Raja Mohan
19 February 2014
As China reconfigures India's neighbourhood through its active promotion of new silk routes ?over the Great Himalayas and across the Indian Ocean ?New Delhi must make up its mind on how best to respond.
Will India join China's maritime Silk Road?
C. Raja Mohan
19 February 2014
From the Chinese perspective, it was a smart move to invite India to join the maritime Silk Road project. But Delhi is likely to be torn between two competing ideas ? working with China in the maritime domain and the long-standing goal of limiting Beijing's influence in the Indian Ocean.
Sea change of China power
Rory Medcalf and C Raja Mohan
11 February 2014
While Australia-Indonesia ties are in limbo, it would make sense to deepen the Australia-India side of the triangle. Here the potential areas for action are maritime domain awareness, naval intelligence sharing, providing access to each other's naval facilities, and working together to improve the capacity of smaller states in the Indian Ocean.
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