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Will India join China's maritime Silk Road?
C. Raja Mohan
19 February 2014
From the Chinese perspective, it was a smart move to invite India to join the maritime Silk Road project. But Delhi is likely to be torn between two competing ideas ? working with China in the maritime domain and the long-standing goal of limiting Beijing's influence in the Indian Ocean.
Sea change of China power
Rory Medcalf and C Raja Mohan
11 February 2014
While Australia-Indonesia ties are in limbo, it would make sense to deepen the Australia-India side of the triangle. Here the potential areas for action are maritime domain awareness, naval intelligence sharing, providing access to each other's naval facilities, and working together to improve the capacity of smaller states in the Indian Ocean.
Joint command: Theme for a Chinese dream
Manoj Joshi
07 February 2014
While the unified structure being adopted by China will lead to the strengthening of its military prowess to back up the country's global ambitions, in India, political waffling has so far prevented the emergence of a similar combined structure for its armed forces.
Nuclear Umbrella
C. Raja Mohan
29 January 2014
A closer reading of the joint statement issued by Chinese President Xi Jinping after a meeting with the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych last month, suggested China was merely offering boiler plate assurances to Ukraine.
Significance of China's hypersonic missile vehicle test
Manoj Joshi
24 January 2014
The report of a Chinese hypersonic missile vehicle test is yet another signal that the People's Republic of China intends to contest the hegemony of the United States across the spectrum.
Vietnam ropes in stakeholders to counter China territorial dispute
P. K. Ghosh
24 January 2014
Hanoi's decision in granting oil blocks to New Delhi could make China uneasy as Chinese foreign policy, especially towards the South China Sea and the East China Sea, has undergone a major shift in the last few years.
Divided Asia
C. Raja Mohan

15 January 2014
The contest between China and Japan over tiny islands, Senkaku in Tokyo and Diaoyu in Beijing, has brought the militaries of the two nations face to face on a routine basis. Japan and South Korea and Japan and Russia are also squabbling over small islets in the Sea of Japan.
China reaches to India on Afghanistan
Harsh V. Pant
08 January 2014
Notwithstanding recent positive signals from China, New Delhi is unlikely to find a fully cooperating partner in Beijing in the management of post-2014 turmoil in Afghanistan. But a dialogue between Asia's two mainland powers on Afghanistan is certainly worth pursuing.
Beyond Chinese Whispers and Indian Rope Tricks
R. Swaminathan
30 December 2013
Both India and China have already entered an age of pragmatism. But they must soon transform it in an age of competitive realism if they are to jointly architect and mould the Asian century.
Prepare for war in the East China Sea
Manoj Joshi
17 December 2013
The Chinese say that their interests in the East China Sea are what bother them the most because of their proximity to the Chinese heartland. The South China Sea, they insist, is not a problem area of the same dimension. Beijing's unambiguous goal is to isolate Japan, divide the ASEAN and befuddle the United States.
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