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The geopolitics of China's new energy route
K. Yhome
20 June 2013
China's new gas pipelines from Myanmar will provide an alternative route for Beijing to import energy supplies. This is important for China given US maritime supremacy in the region. But the strategic advantage that Beijing gains out of the pipelines in the long-term depends on developments inside Myanmar and China's relations with it.
Dividing up the world
Vikram Sood
18 June 2013
At the Annenberg summit, Xi Jinping, quite apparently, was signalling China's rise and preparing for a bigger role but are the US and the world ready for a lesser US role? Also is there a meaningful Annenberg Declaration that might be Asia's Yalta? Can Russia be ignored in this calculus?
New northern sea route could alter equations
Vikram Sood
18 June 2013
Once the northern sea route from Europe to China becomes active, the strategic balance between the Indian and Arctic Oceans could change. Would this change be enough to mean easier or cheaper availability of oil and gas from West Asia to Europe, China and India? Would it reduce the strategic relevance of the Ocean to the West and mean a direct confrontation there between India and China?
Facing China threat, Vietnam seeks American balance
C. Raja Mohan
05 June 2013
Vietnam's self-assured pursuit of a complex balance of power strategy could be a model for other medium powers in Asia who are deeply concerned about the rise of China, want Washington to balance Beijing, but are reluctant to become formal military allies of the United States.
Talking Tokyo
C. Raja Mohan
27 May 2013
"Don't provoke China" has been the mantra behind New Delhi's recent "go slow" strategy with Japan. At the very moment when many Asian countries are frightened by the prospect of China's non-peaceful rise and are looking to Indian leadership in constructing a stable Asian balance of power, Delhi seems trapped in strategic hesitation.
No closure to India-China border flare- up
Manoj Joshi
24 May 2013
Just because China now seems to be in a hurry to move on the border issue should not be cause for New Delhi to reciprocate. We need to weigh the issues carefully and see what serves our interest the best. Anyway, we are not likely to see a final resolution of the border issue in a hurry
Time for hard questions on Sino-Indian relationship's future
Samir Saran and Abhijit Iyer-Mitra
21 May 2013
India and China must bilaterally develop a substantial conversation on the cutting edge of global governance issues, including issues of the global commons like climate change, water, health and medicine, and Asian security architecture, as well as issues of space and proliferation, of rules and mechanisms of economic governance, and on new arenas of maritime and ocean governance.
Li's India visit: The die has already been cast
Abhijit Iyer Mitra
21 May 2013
Can China be meaningfully engaged on issues like the border or the boundary? The answer is a resounding 'no'. The Chinese leadership structure is in flux. All the meaningful rapprochements and border resolutions were carried out either in the Mao or the Deng era. Since then, China's leaders have been too weak and fearful of internal coups to move forward in a meaningful way.
With China, keep it real
C. Raja Mohan
20 May 2013
Chinese leaders are steeped in the realist tradition and appreciate the logic of power politics. Premier Li Keqiang might respond more positively to a frank discourse from Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh than Delhi's self-deceptions that have so misled India's Chinese interlocutors.
Sino-Pak alliance: Naval and nuclear cooperation
C. Raja Mohan
18 May 2013
The unrealistic expectations in India from Li Keqiang's visit to Delhi and Mumbai next week are likely to be tempered when weighed against the Chinese premier's agenda in Pakistan.
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