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THE BIGGER PICTURE: Can China and India now press the reset button?
Manoj Joshi
27 August 2013
China is looking at their problems and working on them and willing to shift established positions if the situation so demands, while India seems to be trapped in the verities of the past and are unable to move beyond tired slogans and nostrums.
Old ties lead to new model of mutual trust
S. Jaishankar
22 August 2013
It is fashionable in China today to speak of a "new type" of great power relations, indeed of international relations as a whole. In Chinese terminology, this approach is based on three key concepts: non-conflict and non-confrontation including proper handling of differences,
India-China relations: Old ties, new model?
S. Jaishankar
21 August 2013
It is fashionable in China today to speak of a 'new model' of great power relations, indeed of international relations as a whole. Applying this approach to India-China relations offers some interesting insights. Both at an abstract and practical level, the three propositions that constitute this 'new model' appear unexceptionable.
US-China cyber talks
Darshana M. Baruah
09 August 2013
Cyber security has taken a front seat in the U.S.-China relations, as seen in the last two high level bilateral meetings. The California summit in June 2013 and the recently held U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) V in July 2013 were dominated by cyber issues.
Is China nervous?
Vikram Sood
29 July 2013
It is the unease arising from China's domestic, political and economic considerations at a time of the ascendancy of a new political leadership in Beijing that could contribute to Chinese adventurism and recourse to hyper-nationalism.
India-China relations and the importance of diplomatic signaling
Kasturi Moitra
11 July 2013
China and India need to do more than repeatedly declaring outcomes of meetings as 'successful' and 'positive'. Talking things out straight will no doubt lead to friction and diplomatic parleys but at least it will be an enterprise in reality.
India walks the Chinese tightrope
Manoj Joshi
11 July 2013
Though Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi had recently claimed that China and India are "natural strategic partners", the reality is somewhat more complex. Because we have witnessed Beijing's curious move on the Depsang plains in April, on the eve of their prime minister's visit to India. And just hours before Antony was due to land in Beijing, Major General Luo Yuan was breathing fire against India.
As China rises, will it become liberal?
Dr. Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
26 June 2013
If China were to shape a world order that might be bereft of some of the universally accepted principles, it may be problematic for many countries, including India.
Snowden effect
C. Raja Mohan
25 June 2013
It is not often that China defends the rights of whistleblowers against the state and America finds itself defensive about internet freedom. That precisely is what Edward Snowden, the young American who has exposed the expansive cyber espionage activities of the National Security Agency in the United States against its own citizens and the rest of the world, has achieved.
The geopolitics of China's new energy route
K. Yhome
20 June 2013
China's new gas pipelines from Myanmar will provide an alternative route for Beijing to import energy supplies. This is important for China given US maritime supremacy in the region. But the strategic advantage that Beijing gains out of the pipelines in the long-term depends on developments inside Myanmar and China's relations with it.
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