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Chinese newspaper coverage of the BRICS summit
Zhonghe Zhu
04 August 2014
The 6th BRICS Summit brought together the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa on July 15 in Brazil. The annual diplomatic meeting announced plans for the New Development Bank, which would be located in Shanghai, China.
China's interest in India's infrastructure is opportunity and challenge
Manoj Joshi
30 July 2014
Sino-Indian relations will feature both competition and cooperation. How we fare depends on the policy choices we make and the skill with which we employ them.
Where does the US-China relationship stand?
RS Kalha
22 July 2014
Will the globalization of the economic relationship trump the geo-politics that is being played out in East and South East Asia? For the US, the dilemma is acute, for it cannot ignore the pleas of its allies in the region nor allow an incremental drift to take place in the relationship.
China's increasing openness and self-confidence
Manoj Joshi
22 July 2014
China sees its primary focus as on neutralising the US- Japan challenge on its eastern seaboard. To that end, maintaining an even keel in its relationship with India makes good sense.
First Xi-Modi meeting finds common ground
Samir Saran
21 July 2014
The crucial factor that can help transform India-China bilateral is Modi himself. For the first time, the Chinese will interact with an Indian leader who can be politically strong in safeguarding India's sovereign interests, while at the same time being very welcoming in embracing China economically.
China's favourability highest in Pakistan, Bangladesh
Dr. Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
17 July 2014
A new Pew Research Survey indicates that the US still continues to be perceived in positive light and that a conflict between China and its neighbours over territorial disputes is likely.
China seeks rekindling of Indian ties
Manoj Joshi
15 July 2014
If Indian economy begins to take off and it is able to overhaul its dysfunctional military system, India can emerge as a formidable second pole of the Asia-Pacific region, maybe just a shade inferior to China.
Chinese diaspora
C. Raja Mohan
09 July 2014
As ancient and highly populated regions, China and the Indian subcontinent have for long shaped global migration patterns. But, unlike Delhi, which has had to deal with diaspora issues ever since Independence, Beijing's problems have just begun.
How central planning has groomed China
Manoj Joshi
08 July 2014
In 1990, China's GDP was roughly the same as India's and parts of its infrastructure, such as its railway system, were considered inferior. Today, China's GDP is around $9 trillion and India's is $2 trillion. The high speed train travelling at 300 kph from Shanghai to Beijing signals the extent to which China had pulled away from India.
Panchsheel 2014
C. Raja Mohan
04 July 2014
As an increasingly powerful China seeks to reorder Asia, Delhi must firmly locate China's Panchsheel campaign in a clinical assessment of Asia's rapidly evolving geopolitics and its consequences for Indian security. China is doing what rising powers, including the US, have done before. But Delhi appears a long way from developing an appropriate strategy to cope with Asia's new power play.
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