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Panchsheel blues
C. Raja Mohan
26 June 2014
While rhetoric is common in diplomacy, Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari, when travelling to Beijing this week, might want to look beyond Panchsheel formalism and explore the prospects for expanding overland commerce and contact with China.
Bridging the India-China divide
N Sathiya Moorthy
20 June 2014
Whatever shape future talks between India and China takes, bilateral problems, including the border dispute, have taken more time than their people can wait, to address leave alone resolve them.
Sheikh Hasina's China visit: An assessment
Joyeeta Bhattacharjee
19 June 2014
Despite some setbacks, the visit of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to China and her meetings with top leaders were quite successful and fruitful, underlying the fact that China has become a time tested friend.
Is there room at the dragon's table?
Swagata Saha
16 June 2014
While the world is hopeful of a firm foreign policy in the Modi era, the Chinese dilemma lurks in a big way. Modi should devise ways of taking China in its stride on a workable, if not friendly, basis to make the best of the Look East Policy and to put itself on a sound footing for the Asian century.
Let's accept it, China has risen
Vikram Sood
12 June 2014
The visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to India this week, so early in the Modi innings, is a good sign as both leaderships seem anxious to be able to better deal with the many challenges ahead. Clearly, China is challenging other major powers for a role in India at a time when its economy needs to grow at 10 per cent to recover from three years of economic slowdown.
Chinese FM's talks with new Govt: A close look
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
11 June 2014
India needs to get a lot more clarity on what it expects from China. For all the economic engagement that India may have with China, it should not be under the illusion of its impact on the overall India-China relations.
China's Modi
C. Raja Mohan
28 May 2014
Modi must now bridge the growing strategic gap with China through both internal and external balancing. This must run parallel to a significant expansion of economic cooperation with Beijing at the bilateral and regional levels. But can Modi play three-dimensional chess with China?
Cooperation with China important for India's Eurasian energy policy
Manish Vaid
27 May 2014
For Russia and even Central Asian countries, China can act as a catalyst to market their hydrocarbon resources to South Asia and beyond, opening an opportunity for gas exports too. Russia's $400 billion gas deal with China is a case in point.
India's growing trade deficit with China: What can be done?
Geethanjali Nataraj & Garima Sahdev
19 April 2014
Despite China becoming India's biggest trading partner in 2011, the bilateral trade has seen a downward trend since then, with 2013 registering a 1.5% decline. The current trade deficit with China stands at $ 31.42bn. Alarming levels of deficit has now cast a shadow on the once flourishing trade.
The new fix list for China
R. Swaminathan
16 April 2014
The Chinese economy's has been facing serious structural problems for some time now. Premier Li knows it, and he is making sure that the legislators attending the parliament session also get the message and pass it on.
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