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When it comes to internet governance, India is still engaging actively with the UN
Mahima Kaul
11 August 2014
A final draft resolution at the United Nations, passed in July 2014, has focused on the UN General Assembly's review process of World Summit on the Information Society outcomes implementation.
Reframing the global Internet ecosystem
Mahima Kaul
11 August 2014
As the conversations around internet governance become trapped in confrontational language, it is time to move the emphasis back to decision making that works for all
2014 Union Budget addresses IT needs
Osama Manzar
11 August 2014
The focus on broadband expansion in the Union Budget is timely to take the IT revolution to the next level: social inclusion, e-commerce, media, and distance education for India?s small towns and rural pockets.
An indefensible posture
C. Raja Mohan
08 August 2014
The Modi government should recognise the advantages of a defence diplomacy that mobilises external partnerships to accelerate India's defence modernisation, shapes its regional strategic environment and helps Delhi emerge as an indispensable element of a new balance of power system in the Indo-Pacific.
Knowing India's nuclear credentials
Samir Saran & Abhijit Iyer-Mitra
24 July 2014
Through concerted attack on India from the usual suspects in recent days, India is first being made the whipping boy for the failure of the American non-proliferation lobby in their own country. Then it has to accept blame for the complex relations the U.S. shares with Pakistan and China that is driving these Asian allies to increase their arsenals. Can we get real, please?
Ineffective strategy to fight insurgency
Deepak Sinha
24 July 2014
All insurgencies are political movements supported by the local population and can only be resolved through political means. The military establishment can only ensure that the rebel movement is sufficiently neutralised and violent action curtailed.
AI 144 emergency: A mirror to serious sectoral issues
Prashant Kumar
19 July 2014
Without a course correction, the Indian civil aviation industry, which grows at a staggering 18 percent per annum and is projected to carry 293 million passengers by 2020, may just crash completely.
India, Israel and the Gaza war
Rajesh Rajagopalan
17 July 2014
India can leverage its traditional closeness to the Palestinians as well as its current friendly ties with Israel to help advance the peace process, even if in a small way. But this requires care and finesse, which is unlikely to be found in the parliamentary din.
Is there anything in domain name?
Mahima Kaul
15 July 2014
Shakespeare wondered what was in a name, but then again, it was a time before Top Level Domains, global brands with billions of dollars riding on them, and internet governance bodies like ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) existed.
Jihadi threats: Need for a dedicated intelligence satellite
T.V. Rajeswar
15 July 2014
While there is no information about the linkage between the ISIS and the established Jihadi terror groups of Pakistan like LeT and the JuD, it is bound to happen sooner or later. India should be prepared to face this new onslaught.
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