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Internet Governance: The Key Questions for India
Samir Saran
05 March 2014
The idea of the 'global village', the efforts to create a global economy and emerging global digital marketplace, are all likely to be impacted if nations and communities do not find it within themselves to agree to norms and laws that would apply to this realm.
Focus on Navy's structural reforms
Manoj Joshi
04 March 2014
Neither Admiral Joshi nor Sinha, or for that matter the PM, RM and the President are culpable for the accident, whose causes are yet to be determined. They may share constructive responsibility, though, whether it requires their resignation is another matter.
A new paradigm for cyber security
R. Swaminathan
01 March 2014
There are three quixotic paradigms of cyber security. The first looks at cyber security as simply an issue of protection of specific digital devices against a malware or a virus. The second either sees in cyber security a conspiratorial state-corporate elite meta-strategy to take control of society and polity or conceives it as a necessary prerequisite of national security.
Navy accidents: Who is to blame?
P K Ghosh
01 March 2014
With the building of Scorpene submarine getting delayed to early 2016 and the possibility of the futuristic P 75I project unlikely to fructify, the country must be ready to face serious compromises on the underwater maritime security front.
Defexpo 2014: Driver for India's defence industry
Vishal Nigam
25 February 2014
An all inclusive Defexpo would not only add greater character but also help the Indian companies explore the markets through a comparative framework and in turn enhance their manufacturing capabilities in the long term.
Broadcasting standards and TV channels
Rohit Bansal
25 February 2014
The NBSA process needs to keep pace with the fists of fury that politicians are unleashing on each other. Particularly so as the level of unsubtantiated allegations is getting worse as we're getting closer to the General Elections 2014.
India should anchor maritime policies on a strong navy
Manoj Joshi
20 February 2014
Even as India engages China in a dialogue, or becomes a way station in the sea silk route, New Delhi needs to take some lessons from China and anchor its maritime policies on a strong navy. As of now, we can more than hold our own in the Indian Ocean against all but the US Navy. But, tomorrow is another day.
Silk routes
C. Raja Mohan
19 February 2014
As China reconfigures India's neighbourhood through its active promotion of new silk routes ?over the Great Himalayas and across the Indian Ocean ?New Delhi must make up its mind on how best to respond.
Internet realpolitik
Samir Saran
11 February 2014
Our "strategic interest" will be served when we acknowledge where our current and future interests lie, in terms of economy and politics. Thereafter, we must negotiate India's role at institutions that govern the internet, be it ICANN, IANA or any other body. Our "self-respect" will be enhanced when we negotiate this role from a position of strength.
The limitations of India-Japan partnership
Rajesh Rajagopalan
04 February 2014
While it might be politically palatable to consider a purely Asia-Pacific strategic partnership to maintain stability in the region, this will be strategically short-sighted because no such partnership will have the military muscle or diplomatic heft to achieve its objectives.
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