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Internet governance debates gain steam within India
Mahima Kaul
09 April 2014
Though the Indian state has chosen to espouse a state-led mechanism for internet governance, one must remember that it is the civil society and media outrage that led the Indian government to ensure the IT Act, 2000 is not easily abused. All actors have their place at the table, be it at the state or international level.
Why is the Indian counter-insurgency failing repeatedly?
Rajesh Rajagopalan
08 April 2014
The Indian tendency to muddle through is likely to continue when it comes to counter-insurgency. The distance between the Army and its civilian masters is so gaping that advice, however enriched by experience and reflection, is likely to fall on deaf ears.
MH370 spotlight: Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Darshana M. Baruah
01 April 2014
With the Chinese navy's increasing ability to project power into the Indian Ocean, it is important for New Delhi to strengthen its strategic outpost in the Andaman and Nicobar territory and remain a security provider to the region.
PLA goes out
C. Raja Mohan
27 March 2014
In contrast to India's hesitant response to the humanitarian emergency following the MH370 disappearance, China's military operations have demonstrated Beijing's impressive maritime capabilities and the strong political will to use them.
As internet matures, India faces a choice on governance
Mahima Kaul
24 March 2014
Given the Indian government's taste for pushing unilateral mechanisms for governing the internet at an international level, and Indian civil society, which for the most part seems to vocally support a multistakeholder approach, the Indian elections might bring about a new opportunity for both sides to find clarity.
We need a lean, mean fighting force
Vishal Nigam
07 March 2014
The Indian military desperately needs to enhance its defence preparedness. However, given the country's fiscal constraints, this must be done by modernising weapons systems, instead of adding more boots on the ground.
Managing the nation's defence, somehow
Vikram Sood
06 March 2014
15 years ago the cabinet had drawn up a 30-year submarine modernisation plan to have 24 submarines by 2030. Half-way through this period, we now have more than half of the 14 submarines which have completed three-fourths of their operational lives. What is more, the Navy is increasingly deployed on coast guard anti-terror duties and not for its primary role.
Internet Governance: The Key Questions for India
Samir Saran
05 March 2014
The idea of the 'global village', the efforts to create a global economy and emerging global digital marketplace, are all likely to be impacted if nations and communities do not find it within themselves to agree to norms and laws that would apply to this realm.
Focus on Navy's structural reforms
Manoj Joshi
04 March 2014
Neither Admiral Joshi nor Sinha, or for that matter the PM, RM and the President are culpable for the accident, whose causes are yet to be determined. They may share constructive responsibility, though, whether it requires their resignation is another matter.
A new paradigm for cyber security
R. Swaminathan
01 March 2014
There are three quixotic paradigms of cyber security. The first looks at cyber security as simply an issue of protection of specific digital devices against a malware or a virus. The second either sees in cyber security a conspiratorial state-corporate elite meta-strategy to take control of society and polity or conceives it as a necessary prerequisite of national security.
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