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Agenda for the new Govt: Reform and restructure the national security system
Manoj Joshi
19 May 2014
Across Asia, there is a great demand for India to play a more active role, one befitting its size and interests. But, whenever push comes to shove, we run up against two problems-first, our economy that lacks heft and second, our military which unable to play a role outside our borders.
The need for internet speed
Mahima Kaul
14 May 2014
Both the spread and speed of the internet in India will have a direct impact on India's economy. India's e-government schemes will find faster delivery of services. Sectors like e-commerce will be able to grow. And India's IT and ITES sectors will also remain in the race to be a sure avenue for employment and income generation.
India's nuclear imposture
Abhijit Iyer Mitra
12 May 2014
India's diluted version of the 'No First Use' nuclear doctrine makes an already dangerous security situation in South Asia more dangerous still. Everyone would be better off if the government did away with it.The problem is that no political group currently has the wherewithal to try to fix these ambiguities.
Second Thomas Shoal: The new battleground
Darshana M Baruah
05 May 2014
The Second Thomas Shoal is the new flashpoint in the South China Sea. Solving it is vital for the region. The ASEAN definitely has the potential to facilitate dialogue with China. It must seize this opportunity or risk living with the consequences of failing to do so.
Indian stand at NETmundial surprises many
Mahima Kaul
03 May 2014
India was among the few governments that did not sign the NETmundial outcome statement. It certainly seems that the weight and development of a billion people sits heavy on the shoulders of the government. The question is: does it need to lead them to the world wide web, or can they find it themselves?
Arguments for a digital world
Samir Saran
02 May 2014
India must bolster its weight in the digital marketplace, commensurate with the number of current and potential netizens. This would be possible only by creating capabilities and an environment where private businesses, SMEs and individuals can access and exploit this medium gainfully.
Questions about the security of Aadhar project's biometric database
Mahima Kaul
14 April 2014
The Aadhar project remains complex - a herculean task. The UK government shelved its identity card project because it was untested and the technology not secure, and because of the risks to the safety and security of citizens. With India in the midst of an election, it remains to be seen what will happen when a new government is formed,
Internet governance debates gain steam within India
Mahima Kaul
09 April 2014
Though the Indian state has chosen to espouse a state-led mechanism for internet governance, one must remember that it is the civil society and media outrage that led the Indian government to ensure the IT Act, 2000 is not easily abused. All actors have their place at the table, be it at the state or international level.
Why is the Indian counter-insurgency failing repeatedly?
Rajesh Rajagopalan
08 April 2014
The Indian tendency to muddle through is likely to continue when it comes to counter-insurgency. The distance between the Army and its civilian masters is so gaping that advice, however enriched by experience and reflection, is likely to fall on deaf ears.
MH370 spotlight: Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Darshana M. Baruah
01 April 2014
With the Chinese navy's increasing ability to project power into the Indian Ocean, it is important for New Delhi to strengthen its strategic outpost in the Andaman and Nicobar territory and remain a security provider to the region.
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