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Indo-US cyber dialogue should include hardware security
Jennifer McArdle
03 July 2014
Much like the Indo-U.S. strategic partnership, Indo-U.S. cyber engagement appears to have plateaued and could benefit from a tailored reset. Adopting various measures to ensure trust in defence hardware is essential to both India and the United States, and should therefore be explored as a mechanism for deeper cooperation.
Beyond net neutrality
R. Swaminathan
02 July 2014
Internet of Things ensures that all data cannot be treated as equal. The principle of net neutrality needs an overhaul to reflect the complicated future of the cyberworld
India's pitch for NSG membership
Arka Biswas
24 June 2014
The Indian Government's ratification on June 23 of the IAEA Additional Protocol, which is essentially a component of the Indo-US civil nuclear deal, will allow the international nuclear body to monitor India's civilian nuclear programme with ease.
Modi's energy literacy tested by challenges of introducing 'rainbow vision'
Manish Vaid
24 June 2014
India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi faces a tough challenge in balancing cost-optimisation for ordinary people while mitigating environmental risks, meeting the needs of stakeholders and interest groups from energy companies to activists to regular folk who rest their hopes on his electoral promises of cheaper, cleaner and safer power.
Dangers of the ISIS push in Iraq
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
17 June 2014
To arrest the spread of brutal Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the US must go in with a limited military mission, thus aiding the process of bringing stability in Iraq and the region at large. However, it should not look at staying in Iraq for a long haul.
Nuclear race comes to South Asia
Arka Biswas
17 June 2014
There is a definite need for India to reconsider its doctrine or a strategy to counter and/or deter use of Tactical Nuclear Weapons weapons by Pakistan for non-strategic (say battlefield) purposes.
Defence is important, but the economy must come first
Manoj Joshi
11 June 2014
There is need to re-prioritise the expensive items in the services' wish list in a manner that will not strain the economy, without necessarily increasing the vulnerability of the country.
Reducing Radiation: Navigating Nuclear Security
Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
30 May 2014
While India has instituted pretty stringent measures, some of which are lacking in even other key nuclear players, India has done a bad job of advertising to the global community of what it has done. This has meant poor appreciation of India's efforts in the area of nuclear security.
Strategy, not money, must drive Modi's military overhaul
Manoj Joshi
27 May 2014
Taking care of the urgent requirements, the new Cabinet Committee on Security of the Modi government should insist on a radical overhaul of the national security system before funding new acquisitions.
How large are our social safety nets?
Sudakshina Ray
22 May 2014
A World Bank report on 'State of Social Safety Nets' paints an overall positive picture, with over one billion people worldwide being included under at least one safety net initiative. But the reality is that more than two-thirds of the world's 1.2 billion poorest are not covered.
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